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Problems with Dream of Lolita. Advise please?

Hello all, I'm currently having a bit of trouble with a Taobao order and I'm not normally the type of person that likes to make a fuss but I'm really not sure what to do and would like some advice.

A while ago I emailed a full list of what I wanted along with my measurements to my shopping service, one of these items being a custom sized dress from Dream of Lolita. I accidently made a terrible typo and instead of asking for the dress to be 108cm in length I asked for it to be 180cm in length, and DoL made it to this size. My SS didn't notice until she received the finished dress and she send me an email asking if I had intended for it to be so long or if it was a mistake, at which point I went over my sent messages and realised my typo and asked my SS if it was possible to be fixed and that I'd happily pay extra to correct it. She said it would be fine and sent the dress back to DoL. This was a few months ago and I hadn't heard anything for a while so I shot her an email recently asking if she'd gotten the corrected dress back, and she said that she hasn't heard back from DoL despite her many efforts to do so and basically if I want the dress then I have to pay for it again and reorder it as it would take too long for a refund from DoL.

I'm not against paying for the dress again, being Taobao it's not an awful lot of money and this entire thing is down to my mistake in the first place, I'm just terribly nervous to give more money to DoL as it seems a bit shady to me that my SS is unable to get into contact with them and she knows she won't be able to get any form of refund. I'm not sure if I'm being overly paranoid, so I just wanted to ask what you would personally do in this situation, and ask if anybody else has ever had any issues with DoL? 

Thank you<3
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