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Mega-Meetups: 100+ Attendees

I consider the New York City community my "Home Community". However, it's a massive, spread out group and only a handful of people "know" everyone in the group. We recently had a wonderful discussion on ideas for "Mega Meetups", which is to say, meetups with over 100 planned attendees. Due to the nature of such meetups, they tend to center around public parks and anime conventions, which frankly can get boring and people tend to form smaller groups to hold conversations in, making it harder to meet more new people. We were discussing ideas for new ways to bring as many folks together at once and have a fun, not-too-complicated meetup. As one of our head organizers likes to put it, it can sometimes feel like "herding cats" to organize meet ups of 30+ people.

So I'd love to hear stories and ideas for Super Meets. Here are a few we came up with:

  • Swarm/flash mob.

  • Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Map: Form small groups with people you'd like to get to know, meet up in designated spot and use treasure map/puzzle hints, work together to locate a secret meetup location. This way the attendees are staggered and even if they don't find the meetup, you get to hang out with new people.

  • Field Day: Games like sack races, etc

  • Loli Speed "Dating" where everyone forms 2 lines and faces someone else, 5 minutes to chat and get to know other person, then rotate to next person.

  • Randomly assigned small gift exchange, kind of like Secret Santa I guess.

It would also be interesting to find out what is the largest known gathering of lolitas in one place!
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