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Positive Review: Le Pop Princess etsy (peach_cookie on LJ)

I purchased an OP from peach_cookie on the egl comm sales and this is the review for the item ^_^ 

I received the dress in this sturdy box, which was also wrapped in brown paper! 

The dress was wrapped in a clean white plastic bag and was very carefully and neatly folded! ^_^ Wonderful packaging! There was also a note inside describing care instructions and offering to answer any questions! A lovely thing to receive with a dress, I think! 

I took the dress out of the packaging and fell in love! It is clearly very well made and it looks beautiful, the print looks brilliant with this style of dress. The dress has puffy sleeves and neck ties and a full skirt which can accommodate a large petticoat. The finishing touches are flawless!

Here's a close up of the print! Isn't it adorable? ^_^ So intricate! The fabric was made in Japan. 

The puffy sleeves are elasticated and the whole dress is printed - mainly ribbons on the bodice. 

Where the neck ties are attached there are little satin bows. I thought this was a lovely finishing touch :D

This is the back of the dress, and you can see it has shirring and corset lacing to fit different sizes! The shirring is very well made. 

There is an zipper on one side to make putting on the dress easier and it is very discreet, which is lovely!

The dress also came with a detachable bow, which is lovely and large, and very well made. 

There are even little faux pearls on the bow, which is a wonderful detail. 

Here is a worn picture, and I'm very happy with how it looks! I'm so glad I bought it <3

The seamstress who created this lovely dress was a pleasure to deal with! She replied quickly to all my messages and was more than happy to answer my questions. She even tried the dress on a smaller to dressform for me to see how it would fit my measurements as the dress's measurements were slightly larger! She's a very kind lady and buying from her was a lovely experience, I would really recommend her. 

This dress cost me $150 but was worth every penny. I am thrilled with this purchase. 

Communication: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Construction: 5/5 
Overall experience: 5/5

Wonderful seller, beautiful dress - I couldn't be happier <3 
Her shop on Etsy is:

Picture of the bodice while worn (sorry I'm just wearing a vest top underneath).
A link to flickr as LJ was being weird and wouldn't let me upload a picture >_< 


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