sweetteaholic (sweetteaholic) wrote in egl,

Malco Modes #582 (or Chiffon Petticoats as a whole).

Nevermind, I bought it new at one of the online shops. I'm good now.
To mods: Feel free to lock this

I asked a few days back if there were petticoat brands that were good for plus sizes + will last me a good while. A lot of people told me that Malco Modes #582 is a good one and thought to look around for that. Most of the sites I went on (such as Amazon and a few others linked me) showed it was over 50$ (USD). Now, I'm ok paying this if it happens to be the only price I'm able to get being it will last me a long while, but does anyone know where I could get it for cheap, other than maybe the Comm_Sales? Or even better: A brand that's also chiffon like this one, but cheaper and just as good (or almost as good). This will really help in the long run. If I could at least save 10$ or more, that would be fantastic.

(PS: if anyone is happening to be selling a good chiffon pettiecoat themselves, I'll link you here being I made a WTB on the comm_sales. Not sure if I'm allowed to advertise that here though, if so I'll delete this part)


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