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Sewing Post

Hello ladies, I've been super busy sewing and making stuff and I just wanna share some of my recent projects with you guys yet again. I hope you like it.
(Updated with ivory chiffon blouse)

First up is this gorgeous brocade skirt with a velveteen bustier. I made this for my collection at the Frill boutique in Atlanta.

The velveteen bustier balances out the intricate print of the skirt.

and I managed to find the perfect lace to match the theme!

I was hoping to get better pictures but I had to pack them in a rush and send them off to Frill right away. I'll get better pics when they come back from the show.

Long skirt in black x silver

Next up is a chiffon skirt with matching top.

This was a personal challenge for me. I've been sewing for 5 years and I've stayed away from chiffon all those years. They are just so annoyingly flimsy, tears easily and frays like hell.

Even so, there's just something special and luxurious about the feel of soft chiffon against your skin.

I originally planned to make it an OP but decided to make separates instead so I can use the blouse and skirt individually.

and here it is in soft pink

Its too bad I ran out of the pink chiffon and the store doesn't carry it anymore. I would love to make a matching blouse for this.

And here is the blouse in soft ivory

That's all for today. Thanks for looking.

Tags: sewing: garments

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