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Putumayo AM2 Brunch Party Price Change!

☆★Brunch Party Location has changed to a better priced location, so the ticket price is now lowered to $35!

People who purchased tickets already will get a refund.★☆

Harajuku Hearts is pleased to present an exclusive, limited seating Putumayo Brunch Party, hosted by Putumayo designers  Sayaka Nishoka and Shunsuke Hasegawa!

The brunch party will take place Sunday, Jun 17th from 10:30AM - 12:30pm.

We can not announce the specific location, but we have attached pictures of the in store. 

Location will be dispensed to ticket holders only. An advance-purchase ticket is required to enter the event, and tickets are limited.

The menu will include a brunch meal. 

The location will be provided to ticket holders prior to the event. 

The location of the party will be walking distance from Anaheim Convention Center and within Disneyland Resort.

Please make note of the following requirements before purchasing a ticket:

Dress Code:
No strict dress code will be enforced, but wearing of one Putumayo item is required for this event.  

We will have games and great prizes at the tea party!!

Everybody will receive presents at the end of the party♪♪

Single ticket price is $35.00. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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