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DoL replica: Melty Mermaid Princess review

Hello there :)

I pre-ordered the MMP replica by DoL (originally by AATP) and finally got my frilly hands on it!

As it has just been released, I thought I'd post a review for it.

(I just copied and pasted this from my blog as I wasn't sure if I was allowed to link it here!)

Yesterday, I'd hoped my MMP replica would have arrived and after constantly looking out my window to see if there was a package on my doorstep I received a phone call from my mother (who works for the local post) telling me she'd picked up a package for me at the post office, I literally squealed!

When she dropped it off at my house I couldn't wait to tear the package open and hold it up in front of me, then quickly rushed inside and tried it on over what I was already wearing :P

I had pre-ordered this skirt through Loli-Loli Paradise via facebook hoping that DoL would release it and they did. It came in all the original colourways and I picked the black x purple, as those are a couple of my favourite colours and it just looked so beautiful! I paid about $NZD70 for the skirt including shipping, and it came with a matching headbow (I wasn't aware that it did, since there wasn't a headbow with the original AATP series).

It arrived in the usual shipping back, inside another clear plastic bag that had a sticker on it with my name and my specified measurements on it - 53cm long and 80cm waist (though I did say I wanted it 78-80).

As I held it up I could see that it looked very.. wide in the waist. I haven't been able to find my measuring tape (HELP!)so I can't confirm the measurements but having lost weight over the past couple of months the waist is too big on me -- thankfully it has waist ties. All the seams were nicely finished and the only loose threads were the random one or two black pieces of cotton just sitting on the dress :P

The waist of the skirt is partially elasticated but the elastic is quite.. flimsy. I prefer Bodylines elastic, dare I say it! It wouldn't take much at all to stretch it, and if the skirt is supposed to go up to 80cm.. well.. I wear it without the elastic stretching AT ALL. I would have preferred it to go UP to 80cm :(

I will note that there are a couple of flaws with the print -- most of which don't really bother me at all. The pictures of the mermaid aren't in the same order as the original -- for reference the original goes mermaid, boat, witch, dancing. The replica goes mermaid, dancing, witch, boat. Not that big a deal.The colouring overlaps some of the outlines, for example on the rope. My main gripe with the print is that the word "mermaid" is printed below the pictures, but it's backwards. Not just spelt backwards but printed backwards. No idea what's going on there. It's not like it's just something no one will notice unless they're familiar with the print. My mother noticed it without her glasses on! (If you click the first photo in this post you'll see it in the bigger version!)

The lace is thick -- I've got no idea what it's made of -- and while it doesn't match the skirt, I kind of like it.

No, the print doesn't match up on the seam, but to be honest I didn't expect it to. However, the skirt has been sewn crookedly. It's not that noticeable until you realise how much closer the bottom of the ropes are to the hem than the other side.

The skirt is fully lined, and the buttons for the waist ties don't match at all (they're kinda ugly) but that's something I can easily fix myself :)

Also, the print on the waist ties isn't straight either -- one picture is closer to the bottom than the other, and the diagonal cuts are the same for both sides. They're printed on one side, and the other side is a shiny/satin-like fabric.

To conclude this review, I would like to say no. I did not expect brand quality by ordering a replica, and through all the faults and flaws I absolutely love the skirt. I feel amazing when I wear it. I did a lot of critisism with this review as I would rather people read this and know what to expect than sugar coat it all. I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this skirt!

I don't have a blouse to wear with it yet -- I'll be buying one next week :)


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