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Affrilliation Presents: Frill - A Lolita Convention

Frill: A Lolita Convention - June 9th &10th
Atlanta, GA

Pre-registration may have closed but Frill tickets for Saturday will still be available at the door! Also for those who only want to join us for our evening activities you can just pay the Frill: After Dark cover charge to join us then! Please read on for details on our evening activities including the Princess Brolita and Prince Kodona Contest and for further information regarding our Frill Consignment shop.

Frill: After Dark
We have created Frill After Dark to accommodate those who aren’t interested in the panels and shopping during the day. This is mostly for the significant others/friends of lolitas who just want to come party with us. Cover charge is $5 for those dressing fancy and $8 for those in street clothes. If you have Saturday admission, no need to pay cover charge. There will be a cash bar, so bring your ID! We will have the lolita fashion show during this time and will also have live music from The Ghosts Project. There will also be a Princess Brolita and Prince Kodona contest.

Please let your friends know about our evening party, Frill After Dark!
Saturday Evening Schedule Time
8:00pm - Dance Music by DJ Enenra 
8:30pm - Princess Brolita & Prince Kodona Contest
9:15pm - Coordinate Contest  & Tea Duelling WinnerFashion Show 9:30pm
10:15pm - Raffle Drawing
10:40pm - The Ghosts Project 
12:00am - Close

Princess Brolita & Prince Kodona 2012
If you are a brolita or a kodona, you should consider entering our Princess Brolita & Prince Kodona contest where we will be giving a prize for the best outfit and overall look! This contest will be held during our evening programming at Frill After Dark.  Contestants will be judged by a local kodona and brolita along with a special guest, check out the gallery to view a sample photoshoot showcasing our local kodona and brolita! Contest winners will receive free admission to Frill 2013 and be special judges for Princess Brolita & Prince Kodona 2013.

1. Must enter as a brolita or a kodona.
2. Must have full outfit that is clearly either a kodona or brolita.
3. Must sign up before 6pm on sign-up sheet by registration.
4. Contestants will be judged during evening party at 8:30pm by a local kodona and brolita, along with a special guest.

Frill: Consignment
We have had a lot of people asking for more details about consignment or asking, "What is the benefit of using Frill Consignment?"

Frill Consignment is a risk free way to offer your second hand items up for sale. Consignment is easy! All you have to do is fill out this form with all of the items you plan to bring for sale and submit it to us at

As the owner you don't have to do any of the work. No packing up items for mail. No guessing at tricky postage costs and searching endlessly for the right sized box. No bargaining back and forth endlessly with flaky buyers! No trying to figure out the measurements of that fully shirred dress because potential buyers can just take it into one of our fitting rooms and try it on.

All you do is drop off your items and let our talented shop girls do all the work. The best part is that if your items don't sell it costs you nothing! All Frill asks in return is a very small percentage of the final sale price and remember, you can set the final sales price to anything you want.

For more details on Consignment please visit

For more info please visit our website


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