sweetteaholic (sweetteaholic) wrote in egl,

Lolita sizes + Anyone know anywhere to get Lolita clothing in Charlotte, NC?

Hey guys.

The first question: This may be stupid and I'm likely going to have to have to have someone measure me anyways, but let's say measurement wise, what would you call a size XL for blouses/shirts/etc be and for someone who's a size 16 in pants/skirts? 
Likely a stupid question buy just so I know what to look out for.

2nd question: This is random but does anyone who live in the Charlotte, NC area know if there are any stores that sell Lolita fashion perhaps? I find I like to try on things before I buy them and this would be much easier for me say buying online (which I may have to do for skirts and maybe shoes). 

Thanks to those who can help in anyway.


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