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Of Shops and Shopping

I had two questions come to mind about shop-related stuffs.

1) I was perusing the TaoBao shops post from a while back. I found I really liked some of the shops that sell fabrics and trims, and I wondered if anyone can recommend a good shopping service. Is there one that seems to be better with the textile side as opposed to the garments side?

2) I'm gathering ideas for my upcoming shop, and I thought I'd pick peoples' brains here. Are there any Lolita accessories you don't feel you see enough of in shops right now? Currently, my tentative plans for accessories include bows (of varying styles and sizes), parasols (I hope to make myself a prototype one soon!), and a couple different types of bags. I'm open to other suggestions, though actually making them would depend on their complexity and my own patience with myself.

As always, thanks everyone for your input!

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