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☆h.NAOTO USA Web-Shop Service Review☆

I have always been a fan of h.NAOTO and his many different clothing lines but they were often a hassle to get. When I heard that he was opening a shop in the US I was ecstatic. I would browse the site often but nothing really caught my eye at first. I began building a Hangry&Angry coord but it seemed to be missing something. After searching through auction sites, I thought I would check out the h.NAOTO US web-shop and I found just the thing to pull everything together. So here's a recollection of my experience with h.NAOTO USA's web-shop.

I had found the piece I wanted and purchased it on the 10th of May. h.NAOTO USA gives you two shipping methods to choose from, FedEx or USPS Parcel Post (insured/uninsured). A friend of mine had a bad experience with a seller on the sales_comm using USPS Parcel Post so I decided on FedEx. My item was sent on the 11th and arrived on the 17th.

I apologize for the crappy iPod pics

FedEx arrived and I signed for my package. My order was packaged in a plain shipping bag with no sort of protective insulation. I really didn't mind this as it was just a cutsew hoodie but it would have been nice to have it cushioned by something. The hoodie was thankfully wrapped in a clear plastic bag along with my invoice and a postcard.

Overall, My experience with h.NAOTO USA was pleasant. My order was handled in a quick and timely manner. I was rather astonished that pricing on the site varied as much as it did. The USA limited items were much cheaper than the other items in the web-shop. My only "complaint" is that the USA web-shop's selection is somewhat limited but whatever isn't available on the USA web-shop is usually available on their international web-shop.


Break Down:
Hoodie: Hangry&Angry
Cutsew: Hangry&Angry
Sarouel Pants: Hangry&Angry


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