Uyuuism (uyuuism) wrote in egl,

Gifting through Paypal now has fees?

Ok, so in my situation it really isn't Lolita related, but I thought that I should give everyone a heads up. I was paying my friend back through Paypal for a sewing machine and I always thought that if I set the amount as Gift, there will be no fees applicable. However, on my selection screen Paypal insists that I have to pay a fee? Although the fee isn't a really large amount, 0.01%. But since when did Gifting have a fee attached?

I was paying with my the balance I had on Paypal by the way, and it even says so on the site that Personal Payments are "Free when the money comes from PayPal balance or bank account."

So I'm super puzzled here. Am I doing something wrong here?? Or did Paypal just decide to become jerks and add fees to Gifting.
Tags: discussion: consumer ethics, ordering: paypal

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