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Sizing help.

Hi I hope this belongs here. I am new here and am interested in purchasing Lolita and cosplay costumes. There are some on Fan Plus Friend that I like, but I've always had some trouble with their sizing and need some help.

The first time I ordered from them were custom sizing cosplay costumes and it did NOT fit me well. It was way too tight in the chest/waist area and I even double checked the measurements. After having some research done, they tend to screw up on custom sizing and not the standard sizing.

Second time, I ordered from them again last month of a standard size cosplay. Well it was a mistake because it was way too big on me. Here is the link to their sizing page: I ordered lady 95 and my waist size is 32 inches. I figured I ordered that since I might be wearing a corset or underwear underneath it. Well when I got the dress, the waist area was HUGE on me. It felt like 36 inches moreso than the 34 inches it listed. So anyway it's been established that lady 95 is too big on me so I would assume it will be for Lolita dresses too.

My measurements are:
Chest: 37 inches (38 inches I think if a bra is worn)
Waist: 32 inches
Hips: 38 inches

Should I order a lady 90 or 85? 85 would fit my chest fine and the hips area won't be too big on me either, but the waist might be small. I figured if the 95 was way large on me, then I think 85 might run bigger as well? Or should I get a 90 and have it altered it down? If I choose the 85 and the waist size happens to be too small, would there be enough seam allowances for it to be altered up? I am also going to start my diet plan in two days to lose some weight so hopefully I'll shed some inches off my waist. No guarantees that it'll completely reduce it though. I know I should wait until I reached my desired weight, but if that doesn't happen, should I order 85 or 90? Do Fan Plus Friend clothes run big for standard sizing or do they vary?

Thanks for any help.
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