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April Flowers Entries + Winner!

April Flower Entries!
(Sorry for the delay in posting the results this month!)

We received many lovely and creative flower entries for April! We hope you all had as much fun as we did! I admit this one was a really close and difficult contest to judge!

Because of the sheer amount of images per entry, I'm only posting one picture per entry (I'm picking the picture I feel shows the finished item the best.) If contestants would like to display alternative shots of their entry, please feel free to do so in the comments ♥!

1. Carnation Clip by aelidia

2. Country Lolita Basket by 19yuki94

3. Ruffle 'bonnet' by joie_liette

4. Red Flower Crown by stellapixi

5. Flower Bed Head by themugence

6. Rose Garden Tea by joannaerika

7. Summer Butterfly Garden by zombeh_muffinz

8. Goodbye To Winter Rose Crochet Headdress and Blue Rose Clips by yllsa

9. Rose Bonnet by candyfairy15

10. Berries and Butterflies by rosalius_belle

11. Lotus Hair Clip by reitou_kahen

So many gorgeous entries!

After much debate with the judges, the winner is................#9!
Rose Bonnet! Congratulations to candyfairy15! You have won a cute items lucky pack! A judge will be contacting you soon about your prize ♥

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Judge Application details are here.

MAY'S CONTEST THEME IS BOOKISH BELLE! Please go here for contest details!

Many thanks to our participants and supporters for keeping the contests alive and awesome! ♥
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