Child of Winter's Children (joyeuxcherie) wrote in egl,
Child of Winter's Children

Pride & Petticoats: Regency Era & Lolita Fashion

May's theme of Lolita and literature sparked an idea of writing about Lolita and one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen and Regency Era.  After watching both versions of Pride & Prejudice, I was inspired by the Regency Era fashion, the color palettes, and the ladies of the novel (and films).

Click the image above to view the post!

I am sure many of you have watched them as well as read the book, so you may be familiar with what this entry may discuss! It was a great journey in researching and rewatching film adaptations of my favorite book for this post and an absolute treat to write it. I hope you enjoy it :D and if you wish to post any comments and questions here or at the blog, I would be happy to answer them (constructive criticism is welcomed! ^^ )


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