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Quantity? Quality?

Hello, ladies ^^

I'm sorry if this had been questioned before, but I didn't find it on the search and I just need to ask more experienced lolita >__< . I'm quite of a beginner lolita, I had only 2 OP (1 handmade), 1 JSK (handmade), 2 blouses, and 2 handmade skirts. I am planning to build my wardrobe, and have been thinking to buy some items . But being a colleger, my monthly allowance is very limited, and i have to save like 2-3 months before i can afford something. I can only save like, 50-75$ a month. My wardrobe's development is very slow, and whenever i feel like buying something i came to think of a question.

Quantity? or Quality?

Do any of you prefer to save longer and wait until you buy something you really like but is really expensive and you have to save some time until you can afford it, or cheaper, wardrobe fillers so you can have more coordinates? Quality, or quantity? Quality in consequence of your wardrobe building being slow, or quantity so you can have more coordinates to use daily? How long did it take for you ladies to collect items until you're content with the way your wardrobe is now?

I wanted to hear your opinions and suggestions! Since sometimes I feel anxious on how slow the development of my wardrobe is >__< . Especially I want to hear from the fellow lolitas in college too (upon how you manage to keep some funds for your dresses). Thank you so much for your responses ^^
Tags: discussion: consumer ethics

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