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Victoria and Albert meet in London - Pics & Video

Last weekend 113 Lolitas of all styles and ages gathered at the Victoria and Albert museum to see the "Kitty and Bulldog Exhibition"
It was the biggest Lolita meet I have ever attended, although the weather was wet and rainy we managed to have a great day and even a picnic in the courtyard.

The funniest part of being outside was the tour buses that stoppped to take pictures of us!

 (Inside the museum)
The exhibition showed different outfits from various Lolita brands such as Baby and Innocent world; the Moi-Meme-Moitie co-ord was our favourite:

I believe there is another meet in August at the same venue for another Japanese fashion exhibition, this time there will be a catwalk too! We'll keep you posted~
Oh and Part 2 of the video is coming soon where we interviewed some Lolitas during the pinic, a video of the exhibition and also some things we got up to in Chinatown~

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