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Comprehensive Pinterest/Tumblr/Blog list?

I think it would be lovely to have a comprehensive pinterest/tumblr/blog list, so that we can follow those who have similar styles to us and get ideas on dresses/accessories/etc.  These should be lolita-themed, naturally.  

I created a form via google docs to have this auto organized, so go to the URL below to add yourself:

And the results can be found here: - in spreadsheet form - in summary form 
(Summary form doesn't work, apparently)


Finding your Style
CTRL+F to find your style


Copy + paste into a google docs spreadsheet
Click top column (A, B, C, etc.) of what you want to sort (username, style)
Click right arrow --> sort sheet

Having your own copy
You can always access via those tinyurl links as I've made this form/spreadsheet open to the public.  But if you want your own copy for whatever reason:

Go to the spreadsheet --> File --> Make a Copy OR Download as...

If you have ideas on how to improve the form/spreadsheet, or any navigation tips, let me know as well!


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