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Seasons Shoe Review

A couple of weeks ago, I found a small post here about a new TaoBao shop that has Baby Replica shoes. Today I received my package with two pairs and so I want to do a review now ^-^

Because ist my trusted service for all stuff from TaoBao, I asked Martin, the owner, on March 28th if he had bought from this shop and how long stuff takes from them
This is the Link to the shop/shoes
Martin told me that the shop is new and that the hadn't bought from them yet but that they are similar to Custom house. So I ordered two pairs, in size M, red and brown, matte PU (you can choose patent PU, too!!) One pair costs 34,95 USD and I paid 33 USD for shipping. I think the price is fair!
I paid the same day and on April 15th, the shoes were already finished. I thought they would take much longer! I asked Martin what the thinks about the shoes and he sent me picture - so nice ^_^

Left is the Secret Shop Version of the shoes in brown - right is mine. I prefer the colour of the Seasons Version!

the higher heels are Seasons, lower heel Secret Shop.

Looks nice! So today I fetched them from customs and here are my pictures:

without flash

overall everything looks good! Now on to the details

on the brown shoes, there is a bit glue on one bow and the other one is a bit off center.

brown version: also one bow off center...

Logo reminds me of Secret Shop, hmmmm~ The printing of the logo is not that good. Looks they have been worn several times already

the red version is fine, but in the brown version, you can see the white side of the material at the cutting lines

the clipping method, I like it. Heart buckles are cute, too!

sole is okay^^

not matching but you never see this when wearing them, so it doesn't matter to me^^

Also, the material is different. The red one has a "leather" pattern, the brown one is completely even.

Overall, I'm happy with the shoes. I can absolutely live with off-centered bows and the little stuff. Afterall, they are replicas for a much cheaper price than the original. Making time was quick, so nothing to complain about^^

Also, I want to recommed Martin and clobbaonline for the wonderful service!!

Hope you find this review useful^^

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