raylendoll (raylendoll) wrote in egl,

Dress info & picture request ~~

Hello rainbows!
I have been eyeing IWs Cream Puff OP for a while now, but I have never seen it on sales in the colour I want ~ black. I realize it's an old piece, so what are the chances of me finding one? Also, if I do, any idea how much would this sweetie go for? =3

I would also like to request some pictures - of any OP with short sleeves with an short-sleeved blouse underneath. I purchased an Anna House blouse recently, and its sleeves are so puffy I can't seem to find a proper way to coord it with an OP; and I'm not sure it's even possible. So please, show me how you did it! =D

Thank you so much; any help is greatly appreciated! <3


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