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review Korean shop : CRUEL ARCADIA

Hello :)
This is review about the Korean lolita shop : CRUEL ARCADIA

Hello, girls. This is Haenuli. I'm from Korea and I seeing there haven't been many posts about Korean brands.
So I want to review CRUEL ARCADIA, so it can be very good review to show, and aslo introduce to EGL.

Cruel is the indies shop from Korea, but shop-owner majored Fashion Design and her sewing quality is very good.
I need new outwear to meet up with my friends so I decide to order the new outfit "Aries" long version

This is official photo from Cruel Website. I order the long one (right).
If you want to see more go to here: http://doxepine.hubweb.net/clothes/2012/0322aries/ariesmm.htm
Click the photo what you want.

* Price
Long JSK is 140usd
Middle JSK is 132usd

* Size infor
S size bust 84cm waist 70cm collor 4.5cm length(front) 86cm length(back)100cm
Long SK.ver.                             length(front) 99cm length(back)114cm
M size bust 88cm waist 74cm collor   5cm length(front) 89cm length(back)103cm
Long SK.ver.                             length(front)102cm length(back)117cm
L size bust 92cm waist 78cm collor   5cm length(front)92cm length(back)106cm
Long SK.ver.                             length(front)105cm length(back)120cm

I order custom size because I'm bit chubby to wear L size.
I as her to make plus Lsize, and she said OK

 * percentage of blending fiber
outshell : polyester 65% rayon 35% bit of stretch(elasticity)
lining :  polyester 100%

★ official website : http://doxepine.hubweb.net

★ Order Placing Process and Communication

The order period was just only for few days, and I had miss the order period. (OTL)
But she take my order it was very kind, even I pass the order period, it was very lucky to me.

And communication was fast.
I ask her to make collar(neck) lower than her official dress,
My neck is short so think official dress collor will be to long for me.
She said "If design doesn't change so much, I can change details for you" and she make collor low to me.
And after few days later, she send me photos that she made.

Her photo that she gived me

★ Package Shipment

Dress was neatly wrapped in the plastic bag and it was from a box.
The package arrived with no problems
It takes only 7days that I got to her.(it takes in 1-2days when delivery something in Korea)
I was very gald to have the dress fast, and also it was quite fits well to me!

★ Quality of Materials and Workmanship

This is my dress that I got.

buttons (I didn't take photos but she send me extra buttons too!!)


Corset lace-up details

Inside of dress. I turn the dress inside out and put it to the bodice. HAHAHAHA!!!
So you can see the lining , but It looks still well!!


arm hole (inside)

inseam of the skirt

inseam of the skirt 2

inseam of the skirt 3 (Do you see the thread chain? (I don't know what it calls in english)That makes
setting well outshell and the linig

inseam of the skirt 4  Perfact ironed

This dress looks very good quality just like a high-class dress shop.

☆ My Outfit looks

How do I look? Does it look good to me?
My friends says looks well and sure the dress was well-made!

My coord
Crown : Haenuli
BL : Off brand  BL
SK : Lief
Shoes : An*ten*na

★ Defects: I can't find right now, I really love this dress.

★ Overall
Communication: 5/5
Production / Shipping Time: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Workmanship: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Price: 5/5

★ TOTAL : 30/30

[P.S] I ask shop-owner that she can order this dress again, she said yes, she can until the fabrics run out.
So, If you want to buy some, I can ask to her to make paypal and help to order :D
(She don't have paypal yet)!!!

 I hope review helps those who might consider this shop in the future.
Atually, my friend want to buy and she need some review, so I hope it does help for.

Shop owner mail is this : grey_lamb@naver.com
If you need something to ask, and write question to english and send her E-mail :)

(what kind of dress to ask<she said right now you can order only Aries>/Your body size/what kind of things you want to know)


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