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seamstress review: Ladysloth/xkahax (positive)

I just received my African Midnight print JSK from the seamstress Ladysloth/xkahax and wanted to share my experience.

Ladysloth goes by xkahax on livejournal and you can find her items for sale on her facebook and the egl_comm_sales:

Communication: 5/5
She was always quick to message me back to answer any questions I had. She asked for lots of measurements and was kind enough to send me a friendly reminder when I hadn’t sent her all of the needed measurements. (oops)

Quality/Construction: 4/5
It’s not lined which wouldn’t be an issue except for the type of fabric it is made out of. It is a very elasticy fabric, almost like tshirt or cutsew style fabric. Because of the combo of that type of fabric & no lining- you are most likely going to want to wear a slip between the dress and your petticoat, so the dress doesn’t “stick” to your petticoat and bunch up as you walk. Also cutsews tend to look nicer underneath because bulky blouse buttons can sometimes look like awkward lumps through the dress. The type of fabric is actually slightly thicker and more forgiving than that of the brand cutsew dresses I’ve tried on before, and some blouses still look fine under it. Also the bow had come unsewn in one corner, but that will be easy to just stitch back on. All seams are fully serged. There is plastic boning on each side of the corset lacing in the back, I am assuming to strengthen it, but it doesn’t give much extra structure to the overall dress because there is not any boning in the front. There is also a hidden side zipper, shirring in the back and corset style laces in the back, so it can accommodate a variety of sizes.

Fit: 4/5
The halter straps are too long to be worn as is with the button at the top, but too short to tie up nicely as a halter. I plan on just sewing them down as normal over the shoulder straps. Other than that it fits great.

Shipping: 5/5
It got here quickly and was packaged well.

Cost: 5/5
Her skirts cost between $35-$45 and her JSKs cost between $55-$65 depending on the style/design. The dress I got was $65. I feel with that price in mind it's a great deal, and it completely exceeded my expectations.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
It’s not perfect, but I think that it’s a good value, and I would definitely recommend buying from her. I’m tempted to buy her clock print skirt once I have the funds to do so. :)

Other info:
*Some dresses she sales are premade, but for the most part she makes the dress to your specific measurements for no extra charge.
*Prices listed include any fees, including paypal fees, but do not include shipping. She ships from Poland, but the shipping price was still reasonable, only $12 to the US.
*I asked for my dress to be made extra long because I’m a giant. That resulted in the white dots along the bottom (I think they’re the moon). If you had this dress made in normal length you wouldn’t have the white dots. I’m not fond of them so I’m thinking of adding bows to cover them up, or painting over them, or something.
*I ordered the dress on March 23rd, it was shipped on April 6th and got here today (April 15th).



Back worn:

Front flat:

Bodice close up. You can see where the bow came undone in the corner. Not a huge deal & I might actually just remove the bow entirely because of personal preference.

Fabric close up. I'm a huge fan of giraffes so I pretty much had to have this dress ;)

Back flat:

Lace close up. The part on the left is the bodice lace and the part on the right is the skirt trim lace.

Inside out, front:

Inside out back. As you can see there is shirring panels sewn in with elastic thread.

Sorry if that was super long. I just wanted to make sure it was informative enough. Let me know if you have any questions.
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