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Gabalnara Ordering Help?

I want to place an order for this wig from Gabalnara, but I need some help. XD I don't speak any Korean and there are some options you have to select on the website, including "yarn" (according to Google translate) that I'm a little unsure about. I couldn't find any Gabalnara GOs, or any topics about how to order from them, so I thought I'd ask here. Gabalnara does seem to have some pictures to help buyers out - how to select their wig size and a guide to purchasing for international customers (mostly consisting of pictures showing you where to click - lol), but I'm still confused about this "yarn" thing. Wondering if one is significantly better than the other, as there's a price difference between them.

I'm not even sure what color I want it in - the "natural" brown or "Hershey" brown. I just want the one that looks black...but which one is it?! XD
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