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A brief review of BTSSB "Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot" JSK

I just got my BTSSB "Fragrant Rose memories Camelot"JSK. I thought to do a brief review about it.

I've reserved my JSK directly from BTSSB online shop in Japan. I've reserved on 3rd of March and I got my dress yesterday on 10th of April. Consider it is a pre-order item and also the shipping time and all that. I have to say it is quite fast.
The JSK is in mint. There are another type of JSK called Vivienne. However I like this design better because it looks more classic and luxury. 

The material is chiffon type. Very light and soft. For the weather like Singapore , hot and humid . It is perfect! The laces they use around the edge of the skirt and shoulder are also very delicate and soft. It doesn't irritate my skin even though I have very sensitive skin. 
The prints are beautiful too. Even though the prints looks a bit dark with brown and beige.  You can see some gold sparks on the material which give the whole dress a bright look.
The only down side is chiffon is very delicate and soft, so you need to take extra care and also you can't really match the cotton blouse because it might look too stiff.  
I would say it is one of the best dress that BTSSB has done so far. I think it is worth to buy it as one of the best collection.
However, their communication is horrible and arrogant. Compares JetJ and IW. They make me feel like...............
I wouldn't want to say much about it here but I have post more detail of this dress here.
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