cirruswhisp (cirruswhisp) wrote in egl,

A Newbie to Lolita (Advice needed for a part. style <3)

Hello! I've been researching on my first lolita dress to buy, however, I am on a tight budget as I am still a student. As much as I would love to buy a high-quality lolita dress, I cannot. So, I decided to ask this community that's been popping up a lot on a particular dress style I like. :) I was wondering if you would be so kind as to suggest cheap versions of this dress? I am willing to invest up to $70 for it and similarly themed outfits are welcome too. This idea came out of both a lack of an outfit to wear to a local anime convention in June and a desire to try out the lolita style. I am quite short and tiny, so large dress sizes will not do. ^^'' I would say that I'm either an XS or S. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you <3

Edit: The style that I prefer is the "classical lolita."

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