rommily (rommily) wrote in egl,

Sizing of Metamorphose High Collar Bishop Sleeve Blouse?

I like Metamorphose's "High Collar Bishop Sleeve Blouse" from the sales. The product page lists the size as
"length 53cm (20.8in),
bust 96cm (37.7in),
waist 82cm (32.2in),
sleeve length 67cm (26.3in),
shoulder width 37cm (14.5in)".
I can also see from the pictures that the blouse has a panel with shirring in the back.
What measurements are that: the maximum body measurements? Or the maximum fabric measurements? Or minimum measurements? Or average measurements?
And is the type of measurement the same for all blouses, e.g. maximum body measurements?

I have already contacted Metamorphose and asked about the measurements, but they did not answer for over a month...

The images are missing on the product page, this is an image of the blouse:

Thank you very much!

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