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Lolita travel in Japan!

Hello Lolis!
So let me introduce my situation: I might go to Japan in a few months (even though it's not sure, I must prepare a lot) but I am really thrilled!
As a beginner Lolita and Japan lover since many years, I want this trip to turn really great, even if it's just a week!
After browsing through EGL and many, many google searchs about Lolita and shopping places in Japan, it turned out like I MUST go there (at least for Lolita places):

-Marui One in Shinjuku
-Laforêt Harajuku and through Takeshita-dori to find J-fashion shops!
-The famous cosplayer bridge
-At least one Closet Child (maybe in Harajuku)
-Bodyline (Okay just if I need Loli things to complete what my parents bought xD)
-Tenmado Cafe (maybe) and Christon Cafe (I know about Alice Cafe, Vampire Cafe and Opera Cafe too)
-Maybe Shibuya 109, but only for "normal" shopping, but it seems like it's not the best ><
-Maybe Grimoire?

There come my (many) questions for Lolis who went to Japan or simply live there:
-I need to know more about shop etiquette in Japan, I don't find lots of things about it! Do you need a petticoat to try on things? Can you try shoes? Does it vary through Lolita/Gothic/Visual kind of things shops? I plan to go to the biggest brands, my favorite being Alice and the Pirates and since I will travel with my family, I am afraid to look just like "typical tourist who knows nothing about J-fashion" xD Moreover, I am really tall, so I need to try clothes in Japan :( Do all shops allow you to try?
-Also, I've heard that many Japanese don't speak English, and since I am French, my accent is quite bad, though I speak very correctly. I'd like a few advices about how to ask politely if i can try on clothes for exemple!
-Is Christon Cafe OK for families? I am not speaking about decoration but they have alcohol, and neither me neither my brother is 21, so I wonder if they have many drinks without alcohol xD How is the food? And at Tenmado? Any advices anyone?
-I won't wear my Bodyline in Loli shops since I recently discovered that my Bodyline skirt is an AP replica (I hate it now ><") Do you think Lolita is alright to wear in the streets? (I know that quite a lot of Japanese people don't know about it, and also I don't want to feel bad in my Handmade Jsk in do you dress in Lolita shops?)

Did I forget anything must-see in Tokyo for a Lolita? I am also some kind of Otaku (not in the Japanese meaning of course xD and I don't want to go to any maid cafes), a visual-kei lover, and I'd like to visit other j-fashion related stores in Tokyo (anything like Punk, Visual-kei, fairy-kei, great, but not too much Gyaru) and anything Japanese Pop-Culture!
So give me all advices you have, Lolitas! Thank you for your help!
Again, excuse me if my English is bad, or too polite! Don't be afraid to rectify me!

EDIT: Thank you very much!! I am glad it was useful for other people too! <3

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