fawna01 (fawna01) wrote in egl,

Advice on cleaning an AP print

So I just very very recently obtained AP's Twinkle Carnival.

And apparently, Life did not appreciate me paying $340 on a dress. So on the first day wearing it out, I happened to be standing in the VERY spot where a bird decided that taking a #2 was great idea. So now I have bird poo on various portions of my dress.

So yea...... Um.... Literally a shitty day. I was able to talk to the girl who sold me the dress and she recommend waiting a day for the poo to cake on and then remove it when it gets flaky. Then spot clean as much as I could. She then mentioned that I should be able to wash this.

BUT! I want to know: Imagine this is a dress you had just bought and the same exact situation had occured. What would you do if this were your dress?

Personally would prefer answers from people who have this dress or are vastly familiar with AP dresses. But any and all tips appreciated at this time.

Thank you everyone for the advice. I went ahead and spot cleaned as much as I could but the stains were still present. So I took it through a machine wash, gentle style, applying pre-treating gel. I'm happy to report that initial indications show the stains removed and no signs of running :D

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