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Commission Review: cherryknotting - Positive (warning: picture heavy!)

Hello EGL ^^
Today I would like to write a review about my commissioned jsk by cherryknotting (and her indie brand Little Drawer) based on my WTC post in the comm sales here: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/17836139.html . So, here we go:

Communication : 5/5 

She replied to my post a few moment after I posted the WTC post, and I get back to her a few hours later. She replies to my messages quickly and politely. I asked her to make me a jsk inspired by an IW jsk as mentioned in the post, and she offered me a few designs and sent me a professional business proposal upon the design we agreed on. I picked up one that I particularly like and asked her to change it in some parts, like the top hem ruffles, the bottom hem laces and several other things and she always replied promptly. She keep me updated about the progress of the dress by sending images of the progress so I don't miss a thing about the dress. Overall the communication went really smooth and she is a pleasant person to deal with. 

Quality of the materials and Workmanship: 4.8/5

Since she discussed almost everything with me, she asked what kind of fabric I would like. I said I want something in Navy, probably something in cotton sateen or polyester. She come up with a cotton-polyester mix fabric which is quite thick. The laces are soft, and I like how she dyed the cotton lace on the bodice to match the overall fabric. Everything is serged and there are no loose threads.

She sent me some photos of the finished dress before she send it out to me. Here are the photos:


Back View: 

Side View:

From the moment I got the photos, I thought it’s such a gorgeous dress and I can’t wait to get it on my hands. I placed my order on 3rd of March and she send it out to me at 26th. I just get the dress today, and I’ve taken some pictures. (Note: the photos may not do the dress justice because I stay in the college dorms and the lighting is pretty dim. So I need to use blitz and some of the photos may make the dress look black. The stock photos are the true color of the dress. Do refer to the stock photos.)

The package arrives in a paper envelope wrapped in plastic, while the dress is kept neatly inside a tight plastic inside the envelope. No boxes, but it's because I ask her to use envelope instead to reduce the shipping cost.

How it looks like when it arrives:

I didn't take pictures of the dress inside the packaging before i opened the plastic since I was too excited X"D. But it is neatly kept inside a tight plastic and there is no such hole no whatsoever. So I opened the packaging to find this dress:

Front view (flat):

Back View:

It is a gorgeous dress! The fabric is thick enough and pretty soft--even though not as soft as cotton since it's polyester mix. It is a pretty navy, almost IW-ish navy color. The bustle is made of chiffon and very well made. There is a side concealed zipper on the side, detachable waist ties, and she includes back lacing. The dress is fully lined. Here are some close up photos of the dress:

The laces on the top hem. It is really pretty and really soft ^^

The laces on the bottom hem.

The ruffle and cotton laces on the straps

The navy-dyed cotton laces on the bodice. I love how he use the correct navy tone to dye the lace <3

The detachable waist ties.

The ruffles on the top hem.

The shirring panel. I took of the lacing though.

Concealed side zipper

The waist bow.
This is the reason why I don't give a full 5. X"D I am a little unpleased about how the waist bow looks, especially about how the lower right part of the bow seem to be longer than the left one and overlapped it. But it's not really a big deal, so i'm ok with it. 

Lining on the bodice

Lining on the skirt

Closer look of the bustles <3

She attached the label of her indie brand, Little Drawer. It is a little crooked, but it is because she put it after the dress is more than half way done. No big deal though! XD

This ribbon here is actually a hairclip, with an alligator clip on the back. But since I asked her to make me a matching headband so I prefer to put this cutie on the straps as an accent. There are synthetic pearls hunging on the bottom, it is very pretty <3

The headband I order to match the jsk <3

And now for the worn photos! (sorry for the dim photos, the dorm's lighting is really horrible. >"<)

Front view

Back view:

The worn photo of the headband (sorry that it's pretty blurry. my phone cam sucks DX. I will take better photos if i can. And oh, I wear a wig XD)

It is a nice dress overall. The material is good and the craftmanship is excellent. I paid 135$+2$ of domestic shipping (since we're both in Indonesia) and she worked quite fast. I placed my order on 3rd march and receive my items at 27th. Groovy! XD

Shipping Time & Packaging: 5/5
She worked profesionally and she does send me a proposal about the price and the estimated time to make the order, and she send it exactly like what the proposal said. I am pleased that my order arrived on time and so I am pleased with it XD. The packaging is not so extravagant, only brown envelope and nice, secure tight plastic but no boxes. But it's because i ask for it since we both live in Indonesia and I don't think there is a necessity to use boxes. You can ask her for sturdier package if you want to. The package arrives safely and no harm had been inflicted to the dress whatsoever.

Overall: 4.9 / 5
cherryknotting is a very pleasant person to deal with. She worked professionally and even sending you proposals and worked accordingly to the deal we agreed on the proposals. She is very responsive to changes you may want, and replies to your questions in detail and giving nice suggestions. The dress is very beautiful (sorry that my photos really don't do such a beautiful dress justice >.<), made of good fabric and laces, well made and she even give me an extra hairclip as a bonus. The headband is pretty, made of the same fabric as the dress, and I see no flaw in it. I spent a total of 137$ including domestic shipping for this dress, and it is totally worth it. I totally recommend her and I will do another commission with her in the future. : D


Sorry for the long and image heavy post, and for the bad photos, duh >.<. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or just ask cherryknotting herself. Thank you for reading, lovely ladies! I hope you do find this useful :3

note for mods: the tags are not working for me. halp! DX


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