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Season - Replica shoe review


So, I can't find the original post about Season, all I remember is someone found their Taobao and wanted to know what was up. I had ordered a pair of their shoes from Loli-Loli Paradise (Facebook based SS) a week or so before the post on EGL, and said I would post a review once I got them.

For a new company, I think they did a pretty good job. I was really excited for the most part because they make replicas of BTSSB shoes; most replica companies make AP.


So, here are the shoes from the side.

Hopefully, you can tell from the picture above that these shoes are too long, but fit fine otherwise. The straps are snug once adjusted, and the default/middle hole for the buckle is much tighter than BABY's original (I've tried them on; that's how I knew I wanted these ^^)

Here I can fit a few fingers between the shoe and my toes. The end of the "knot" is where my foot ends. Also, the inside of the top is sticky, but I'm sure that'll go away as I wear them. Like that lovely new-shoe smell everyone loves!

There are some scuff marks (like really, how do new shoes get these? /: ) and some loose threads/awkward cutting around the scalloping. No stray glue or discolorations of any kind, same exact color as the original C:

One thing I'm not too ecstatic about it is how they cut off the back scallop on both shoes. Does anyone know why?

Here's a final picture just because I was so happy to get these, hahaha xD

Shipping:   4/5
Loli-Loli Paradise gave me a tracking number that never worked. I got them fine and in only about two weeks (from China), I would have just liked to know when I should've expected them.
Price:   5/5
I definitely got what I paid for. Without shipping, I think I paid....about 40USD? I know Loli-Loli Paradise marks her items way up, but I think I got an excellent pair of shoes for an excellent price! Also, since I bought the "prototype" of this particular model, I got a discount ^^
Quality:   4/5
Aside from the scuffs and few scalloping errors, I think they did a great job. Material is smooth and has the perfect luster to match the original.
Fit:   5/5
Like I said, they only thing worth mentioning is how it's too long. That's probably just my feet ^^, everything else fits like a charm. Super comfy too.
Overall:   5/5
I was nervous about buying shoes from a brand new company, but the original BABY shoes were just so darn adorable and perfect in the store I was elated to find out that there was a replica being made for the fraction of the cost. I was also worried that they would be too white from the photos the SS showed me as proof they arrived, but she assured me they were the right color, and they were! 

I would definitely recommend Season to anyone else~


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