Rose-chan (nyami_rose1) wrote in egl,

Pellicon 2012: The Revenge // Lolita on TV in East TN

Hi peeps! For anyone in the East Tennesee area, I’ll be on WBIR today (Thursday, 22nd) promoting Pellicon, a multi-fandom convention in Knoxville, while dressed in Lolita, along with some cosplay friends. We should be on at 4 (Live at Five at 4:00), so please tune in!

Once it’s been broadcast, I’ll try and post a link if WBIR uploads it to their website! EDIT: Find it here! Admittedly, we had agreed I wasn't going to say anything which is why I look a little surpised and stumble on my words a bit when I'm asked a question!

Also, I guess this kinda goes with the monthly theme: I was wearing floral. I need to get that damn blouse altered!

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