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TaoBao review + Celestial Delinquent SS review ! Pictures and text heavy :D !

Hi everyone !

It's been a while since I last made a review here !
At first, I didn't plan to write one, I thought I would do it at least to thank my wonderful shopping service (because they're really worth it ^^b). Let's start with the SS review !

So, on December 28th, I decided to post on the sales comm a WTB for this blouse because it seemed to be sold out on DC website and there, I've been told about Celestial Delinquent shopping service by decayingroots.
She told me that CD already helped her to get something from TaoBao that wasn't on the website anymore so I thought I would give this SS a try (because before that, I asked TaoBao Spree and they would NOT reply... which is strange because I never had problems with them before).
Then, I contacted Celestial Delinquent and the girl who runs the shopping service, Angie, replied very quickly, telling me that she asked Dear Celine about the blouse and telling me that they would re-release the blouse on the beginning of February.
I was SO happy because I had very little hope it would work ! She told me to re-contact her on the first week of February so she would order the blouse for me. Which I did. But not for one, not for two, but THREE blouses, one headdress and bloomers.

She handled the whole transaction in a fabulous way ! Every tiny question was answered, even the ones that were not really related to the order, she told me about the custom sizes possibilies, explained everything in details and always VERY FASTLY ! And since she wears Lolita too, she knows what she's doing.
Unlike for TaoBao Spree :
- you never have to ask for updates as she keeps you updated during the whole thing
- her english is excellent
- she's very friendly (Susan and Zeng from TBS are friendly too, but you feel it's only "professional" which is not what I felt with Angie, even though you know it's still only professional exchanges).

What I found also very impressive is the fact that she's not even located in China, she's located in Singapore. She takes care of the transaction with the TaoBao shops and her contact in China receives your items, packs them and ships them.
They are not even in the same country yet everything is handled perfectly !
Also, she told me about four shipping methods, EMS, DHL, Registered Airmail and Yanwen Express. I never heard about Yanwen Express before but since it was tracked and it was the cheapest method, I decided to try it (on Angie's recommendation). I have to say that I don't regret it, they must have the most effective online tracking service I've ever seen. And they are quick, only eight days to reach me.

The whole transaction took place from 06/02/2012 to today, 16/03/2012, when I received the package this morning (we're actually 17/03/2012 here, but I wrote this sentence on 16/03/2012 so I'll leave it as it is).
I'd give Angie's shopping service a 6/5 if I could x) !
So of course, I'd recommend Celestial Delinquent shopping service to everyone here ! I think I will only use them in the future ♥ ! If I had to compare, the SS quality is equal to chibi_tenshi's SS (for those who are used to this shopping service).

♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥

Now on to the items !
Here are the blouses I ordered from Dear Celine : n.1, n.2 and n.3. Yes, the same ones, in different colors. I got this (bad) habit from my mother who always buys for me the same turtlenecks (or clothes in general) in the different colors xD.
I also order this headdress form Chess Story as well as those bloomers from Classical Puppets in all white. I originally wanted the AP ones BUT since I'm too poor to put ~100€ into bloomers, I stick to off-brand ^^'.

Picture time :D !

The box was a little bigger than a regular shoebox.

This picture is the only one that has the real color of the wine blouse...
Which is not the same as the one shown on the stock picture ( ; _ ; ) !
I knew the color of the blouse on the stock pic was too bright (because Angie told me, she owns it), but I wasn't expecting something THIS dark... It doesn't match the dress I wanted it to match, but fortunately, I had foreseen this problem so I ordered the same version of the wine blouse in off-white, so I would be able to wear my coordinate anyway. It's just that it won't be my dreamcoordinate...

Chess Story round headdress : as beautiful as I imagined and the pearl chain is detachable which I didn't know when I ordered ^_^. I'm happy with it but there are some little flaws I have to show you if you are very exigeant on the quality of your headdresses :

So I'd give a 4/5 for this item due to the flaws you can see on the picture above.

Classicals Puppets Bloomers with Garters : honestly, this item was the one I was the most anxious about. I was afraid the tulle (?) on the back of the bloomers would be of bad quality and scratchy... But what I got was the contrary of what I expected ! The tulle is soft, the material is quite thick (thicker than Anna House or Meta LP bloomers material), it fits perfectly (I took size S, and there just enough room for my big ass ! honestly, one more cm and it wouldn't have fit).
It could have got a 5/5 IF the garters were aligned =='.

It doesn't look like a big problem on my beautiful drawing, but it's really not pretty in reality.
So I'll give a 3,5/5 just for that problem. I could have understand if it were custom size bloomers (which is possible but not free), but since it was a standard size, there shouldn't have been this kind of problem. The garters are detachable but...

Now for the most interesting part...

Dear Celine Blouses : I was also worried about those blouses because I took size M (and I didn't know if it would be the good size) and had the length of the sleeves customized (because brand blouses sleeves are always too short for me ==').
And I have to say that I shouldn't have worried about thoses things 'cause the size is perfect and the sleeves length too (even though I think the sleeves of the wine blouse a liiittle bit shorter, it's still fine).
The color of the off-white blouse is lighter than expected (I was expecting a light cream but darker than off-white ^^'). But it's perfectly OK, the color matches my wardrobe.
And, as I said above, the color of the wine blouse is really darker than expected...
The pink shade of the pink blouse is exactly what I thought I would get :).
The lace is the same than AP uses (I believe it's called chemical lace ?), but unlike AP's, DC's lace is not always perfectly cut, but this is easily fixed with a good pair of scissors ;3 !

Now, worn pictures (please excuse me for the bathroom pictures and crappy hair, I was in a hurry when I received the package so I tried on the clothes as quickly as possible so my hair wasn't made (as usual) and I had to take the pics in the bathroom though I know it's not classy >_<) :

Headdress anb off-white blouse worn.
As you can see, the blouse is kinda see-through but I didn't noticed when I took the picture, haha ^^'.

I hate my long arms so I'm really grateful that DC offers custom length for the sleeves FOR FREE ♪ !
The pink color is really BRIGHT and I'm not used to bright colors, but I needed this blouse color to achieve a coordinate.
I tried to tone down the sweetness of the color by choosing a classical design and I'll comission a jewellery maker on the comm to make a classical necklace, so hopefully it will make the blouse appear less eye-catchy.

The color of this blouse is really gorgeous, I just wish it was the color I needed.
It matches an other piece of my wardrobe so I'll keep it anyway, but I'm still a bit disappointed...

Some detail pictures :

Beautiful rose button. As you can see, there are some lose threads on the blouses (this one, but also the others) but it's really nothing. There's also back lacing and elegant ruffles ♥ !
Those blouses get a 4/5.

I paid 137,83€ for the items (+ SS fees) and 33,49€ for the shipping (T_T) = 171,32€.
This is approximately what I would have paid for a new brand blouse + shipping fees, so I guess it's a good deal v(^_^)v.
I'm overall satisfied of what I received.

I... think that's it... I hope you enjoyed reading this review ♪.
If I forgot something, I'll add it later. Don't hesitate to ask me questions
(°∀°)b ! I'll reply tomorrow because I'm going to bed (it's ~01:30a.m. !) but I'd be more than happy to give you more details if you ask me.
But PLEASE, don't ask me things I already said in the review, I took hours for me to write the text and upload the pictures, so at least, take the time to read if what you want to know is not already mentioned above :).

P.S. : Sorry in advance for typos and other mistakes ^^'. I tried to improve my grammar for this review, but it's still far from perfection =).


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