princessidril (princessidril) wrote in egl,

Washing brand

Hey, so I just checked the memories noticed that the post which had all the washing symbols on doesn't work anymore (the image was showing up as broken for me)
so i thiught I'd share this which I just found:

Also quick query, I have IWs Rinks OP in brown ( and the tag says it is dry clean only. Sadly I don't know what any of the dry cleaners where I live are like so I was wondering if anyone has hand-washed this dress and how it came out?
I figured it should be fine since its just a plain dress made of polyester based t-shirt material but since this is my first and only brand dress I just thought I'd check!

(Unless any of the Bradford Lolitas can recommend a dry cleaner near the uni?)

Tags: discussion: clothing care

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