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DHL vs EMS for large packages to the US

Hello lovely ladies,

Been saving for months and just placed a massive taobao order (over $700) and trying to decide between DHL and EMS. I live in the US and really don't want to get hit by customs. I also want everything fully insured so I will be claiming the full amount. What shipping do you US lolis recommend for such a large and fully declared order? And if you have been hit by customs before what percentage did they charge?

Answered: I'll use EMS and stop worrying. Thank you for all the great advice ladies! :)

I've been checking around the EGL archives, and advice concerning which is best seems to vary according to the country and parcel amount. Taking advice from a friend, I braved CGL and asked their opinion. They recommended EMS for US citizens, but honestly I am not sure I trust anonymous advice (not to mention the board seemed a little *rough* to put it lightly). To add to my concern, I have been hearing that EMS has been having problems since Chinese New Year.

I apologize, because I know this topic has been brought up before. But it seems that the majority of the advice given concerns European countries (I feel for you, clearly your custom's fees are straight from hell) or packages that have been declared for smaller amounts. If there is something in the archives that specifically addresses US lolis and larger packages feel free to direct me to the proper link and I'll delete this post.

Thank you so much for your help ladies!
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