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AP style acrylic jewellery 3!

Heya! Long time no posting! For everyone who sent me a message recently, I am so sorry! I had a stall last weekend and so much uni work at the moment; I've got your messages and will respond soon <3

Anyways, a while back I made some new designs for my acrylic jewellery range 'Patisserie Pink'. This time I've been inspired by Wonder Party (one of my favourite prints), Wonder Story (can't stop with this one! So many adorable motifs) Melty Chocolate and a few suggestions from friends

I've also made a Facebook, feel free to 'like' if you want to ^^;; (Mods, I *think* this is okay according to the latest rules because I'm not selling anything there but please let me know if it's not!)

Part Wonder Story (teacup with a rose and a floating petal), part Wonder Party (colour schemes) these rings could be worn with any tea time theme!

7 individual parts on this one, with hand painted and engraved details

Black teacup with gold hearts, pink rose with gold detailing and mirror gold tea

Pink with gold detailing, mirror gold rose and cream milky tea

Mirror gold with a cream and brown rose and dark coffee (there was a flaw in engraving these and there's two rows of hearts for some reason. Still think it looks quite cute though!)

Ships in bottles

These are two layered of engraved acrylic, one white with the ship (painted black), the other transparent blue with the details of the bottle engraved in dark blue.



hair clip


A little letter! the seal is red acrylic with a gold 'PP'


My popular bunny ring but now in black by popular request


A friend of mine wanted a jam jar to match Sweet Jam so I came up with Patisserie Pink 'Finest English Jam'. This one is 7 parts with a lot of engraving. Also in pink and red (intead of the pictured red and pink!)

Puppet Circus

You've seen this before, but not in pink! made this one especially to match my own dress. Glitter acrylic can't be engraved so I've inset little slivers of mirror gold acrylic.

After lots of requests I'm going to start making these completely custom, as some people wanted silver instead of gold, blue instead of black etc.

Really terrible worn picture! XD

I also made a hairclip:

It could be made as a necklace too

Chocolate boxes







Also new bear colours!

brown and gold

gold with pink icing

gold with brown icing

See older posts/designs here:

Also suggestions? I love suggestions! So far that have been lots of urges for Fantastic Dolly designs, some votes for foxes, kitties. I'd like to make a few frames with chandeliers (mirror silver) set in and ones with iron gates engraved in. I also want to make some mermaid related things for Aqua Princess and Twinkle Mermaid!

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