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Desperate for info! Haven't heard from Mai Ozawa for two months for my last package.

I was supposed to have a package shipped in December, but she was busy. Then I sent another email later on to see how it was going and she replied on the 6th of January that she hasn't had time to ship it and will try to as soon as possible. Then I sent another email in February, but still no contact. My friend and I sent up follow up emails, and still no reply.

It has almost been two months since my last point of contact with her, so I'm starting to panic here. That package is rather expensive (I've already paid $800 AUD+). Then I hear a few days ago that she's been active on her ebay account and sent a package to someone. So I'm at my wit's end and rather concerned. Why hasn't she replied to any of my emails? 

I was wondering if anyone has any news or any point of contact with her beyond January 6th? Or just in general, any information about her at all? Please.

Any information at all would be helpful. It's a really expensive package and I don't want to lose that money especially with university starting up again.
[*I'm aware that she stopped her shopping service a while back, but she still offered it to a few select people, which I happened to be one of "orz.]

[8/03/2012] Update: She finally got back to me this morning and it should be shipped this evening!

[16/10/2012] Update!!!
Another order and three months without contact. Has any body else heard from her?

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