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Angelic Pretty: Too Big/Too Small

I recently purchased this dress from a member of the EGL community.
It's Angelic Pretty's Dreaming of Macaron halter JSK in Black

The sizing was perfect for me when I decided to buy it but I've gained a couple inches since the purchase.

I really want to wear this for my birthday outing with my mom (Who is hiding the dress in her bedroom for my birthday but gave me the petti coat I got to go with it)

Does anyone have any idea of how to make it fit? Is there something I can buy that can take the 2 inches off that I need to go away? I want to wear it on Tuesday, March 6th.

Edit: I tried on the dress and it just barely fits. a couple more cm and it would fit perfectly. I'm grateful for all of the tips and advice ^_^  hanks to some of the tips my favourite pair of pants are a little to big now XD. Have a good Day/Week/Month/Year everyone!

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