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Marby ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

Honorable Mention of Circus Contest!

Due to the small number of entries for this month, we have not awarded any prizes. In the future, we will need at least three entries to give out prizes. But thank you for all who participated! Honorable mentions are awarded to all, as we only had two souls brave enough to bare their circus selves!

Our wonderful entries were, in no particular order:

1. Untitled by stained_doll.

"I am called Helene Válštike, and I travel with the Moira Orfel Circus as a knife thrower. I always carry my daggers, passed down through generations of my family. I am an French Gypsy by birth, and I can never change that, but standing in front of the crowd and hearing them gasp each time a knife flies from my hand makes me feel like so much more. In the circus, we are all outcasts, and it is a place I can feel at home."

2. Leucistic Lovely byanimerei and captainweird

Stage names: "Madame Mel" (captainweird) and "Zeraphina" (animerei)
Act title: "Madam Mel's Reptile Rhapsody"
Act description: Rather like a side-show of a traveling circus, we show off rare and weird reptiles!
Prop: a very large leucistic python

Thank you both for participating with such creative entries!

If you wish to enter this month's current contest, Time to Twin, please follow the link the submission post. We only have a couple of days to the deadline! We, on the judges team, look forward to seeing your entries. Thank you! ♥
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