Michelle (saku_chan_desu) wrote in egl,

Hope no one is tired of seeing my name......

Hello all! I have two questions to ask!

1. I haven't ordered from Bodyline sense they had DHL so I haven't tried EMS and AIR. I'm about to do a GO on the 9th-10th and want to be able to give it to everyone their order during the meet up I'm hosting on the 31st. Which one should I go with? And I know it rarely happens but which one is less likely to get hit with customs?

2. How do you know what kind of petticoat to use with your outfit? Like how do you know to use a A-line or a cupcake or what not of petticoat to use with a certain OP or JSK? Also, How many actually kind of styles of petticoats are there that are appropriate for Lolita?

Thanks for answering my Noob questions!

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