Kimberley_Loli (bonfiralover) wrote in egl,

Plans for an 'article' on Lolita stores in Paris

Hello Ladies!

I was wondering if you might be interested in an 'article' about stores that sell Lolita clothing in Paris for my own LJ. I'm going to Paris in a few weeks with my boyfriend and I'm planning to go hunting for some clothes and accessories, so I might as well write something about the stores that I'm checking. I'm hoping the store owners will let me take photos. Maybe I could ask them some questions as well.

I'm planning on checking Harajuku, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Boddywood/Angelic Pretty, Viky Shop, Guiq' Chaq and Black Sugar. I'm not sure if I can check all of them, but I'll try!

Now my question is: what would you like to know about these stores? I myself was thinking about ambiance, brands, products and pricing (this might be obvious for BTSSB and AP, but for the other stores this might be very interesting). If I can get the store owner/sales person to answer some questions I would like to ask them if they get many international customers beside French ones, if they organize special events for lolitas and how they promote their store. 

I want to make this interesting for you as well, so that when or if you go to Paris, you know where to go and what to expect! :)

- Kimberley

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