frilly_nika (frilly_nika) wrote in egl,

Review: AP Heart Pochette

I've ordered AP's Heart Pochette in wh/wh

This is my first review so please excuse me, if there are mistakes. ^^
And it's also my first AP item! xD

This is how it came to me - nice and pink (I don't wanna know what the mailman though).

Inside were

an AP bag (of course xD) and

the Heart Pochette.

Everthing on it is exactly as shown on the pictures on AP's page. The material is super soft, yet solid. The writing, the buckle and the zipper's charm are gold and seem long lasting to me, hopefully I'm right. ^^

As you can see in the picture all seams are straight and there are no loose threats at all.

The shoulder strap is quite short for me, but I guess I'm super-tall in Japanese size and it's long enough. xD

Overall the bag is really great and I'm absolutly happy! ^^


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