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Lolita photoshoot done in a studio or at home?

I have been very interested in getting a professional Lolita photo shoot done.
I would like some great head shots and full body photos.
I was going to ask for some advice. 
First of all, My camera isn't the greatest in the world. It's a canon ELPH 100 digital
and it can take decent shots but I've never gotten anything stellar with it. Perhaps
there is a way that I can boost it's potential depending on the lighting/setting?

Has anyone ever had photos done at a portrait studio? If so how did they turn out and where did you go?
I'm not sure of the cost either. I just remember a few years ago my mom had photos
done at JCpenneys and neither one of us were impressed. I am supposing that could depend
on the photographer too. I just want to make sure that I'm not wasting my money >__<
Any tips would really be appreciated :D 

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