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Calling all indie designers!

Hi everyone! We're looking to put together an organized and frequently updated list of all the different indie brands and small shops run by community members. So if you're the owner or designer of an indie shop, or just looking to support your fellow lolis, check out what's behind the cut!

Czech Republic

Porcelain Doll

Also sold here.
Facebook. Blog.
Now we sell mostly skirts (different sizes) and accessories.


Cute Lou

Facebook. Blog.
fawn fur designs, headwear like bonnet, headress and else, skirts, JSK, jackets and everything else you will find in my shop
"Enjoy being special" is Cute Lou´s philosophie



Facebook. Blog.
Haenuli is total lolita shop in Korea, make beautiful lolita dresses as well as romantic dresses.


Cute Overdose

Cute and femenine clothing and accesories.



Facebook. Blog. Livejournal.
Lovely jewelry and accessories of different styles - from casual to OOAK items. Original and custom designs are our specialty.


Patisserie Pink
Hand made acrylic jewellery designed to match (rather than replicate) particular lolita prints. So far we have made items to compliment Wonder Story, Little Bear's Cafe, Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale, Country of Sweets, Sweet Jam, Letter Regimental, Wonder Party, Puppet Circus and various other designs including presents, chocolate boxes and ships in bottles! Always welcome design suggestions!

Teja Jamilla

Facebook. Blog.
Short blurb about your shop: Printed tights and other accessories to suit lolita, mori girl and many other fashion styles!


Atelier Enchanteur

Facebook. Blog.
Atelier Enchanteur caters to all sizes and (eventually) styles! In addition to making my own prints I also make jewelry and kawaii accessories.

Be My Full Moon

Facebook. Deviantart. Blog.
One of a kind Lolita and Steampunk fashions, always open for commissions

Bows Before Bros

One of a kind designs for plus sized Lolitas and Lolita inspired artwork. Open to Commissions

Also on Spoonflower
Ready-for-wear underpinnings, accessories, and clothes designed to work with both lolita and more casual outfits.


Also on Etsy.
EnglishCharm merges Asian street styles with classic tailoring and offers custom sizing and a range of sizes as standard. We have been going for almost five years and strive to offer special pieces and good customer service.

il Sangue

Facebook. Blog.
il Sangue is a custom clothing and accessory label that focuses on quality and classical femininity. Our primary influences are Lolita, Victorian era, Edwardian era, as well as 1940s and 1950s fashions.

Imperfect Kawaii

Also on Etsy & StoreEnvy
Facebook. Tumblr. Blog.
Our shop consists of one of a kind handmade charms that are often not too cute but made with lots of love! We use such made charms as supplies for others, cell phone lanyards, and for our own jewelry line. We also offer some plastic cab adjustable rings and other random deco'ed goods. I always accept charm or decoden customs as I like a challenge here and there and love to work with the customer and their ideas for the hopefully perfect charm/jewelry/deco piece[s].

Ivy Frozen Productions
Facebook. Blog.
Ivy Frozen Productions creates handmade to order and custom lolita and vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. Purchase one of our current designs or create your own. We believe that clothes should be made to fit the wearer, not the other way around, and we're happy to work with all sizes, including plus and smaller sizes.

Je Moi Mien
Facebook. Blog.
We are a small shop that is currently only making accessories, but soon we hope to start making actual garments and then move on to designing prints! We are inspired by a variety of Japanese street fashions, including lolita, fairy kei, and mori girl.

Kittywood Designs
Facebook. Blog.
my designs are inspired from the fashions you see in tokyo from giant lollipops to tea cup hair clips everything i make is my own design!

Miss Lonely Lolita's Goods
Fawn Fur collars, bonnets, hand muff, headdresses, and very soon, parasols and lace collars. It's the detail that makes the outfit unique!

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a lolita brand specializing in limited runs of exquisite custom made garments. The delightful, lush prints and elegant embroidery that adorn the apparel are inspired by the fairy tales of childhood and the costume and art of our historical past.

Monarch Lolita
Facebook. Deviantart.
I focus on creating versatile pieces, of quality craftsmanship and easy care. My design aesthetic is a modern casual twist on lolita. A look for every lovely day. Look out for my first line, coming March 2012!

Nemeth Wild
Cute handmade accessories such as usamimi and hair bows. Skirts and blouses are coming soon in a range of sizes. An original print for skirts and jsks is in the works too.

Paradise Rose
Facebook. Blog.
Cute accessories and jewelry for every lolita princess. Our focus is to be able to cater to as many faces of lolita as possible. New items are always being put out :)

The Snow Field

Facebook. Blog.
The Snow Field is focusing on classic and modern lolita fashion. Also provide unique custom design and size to match costumer's tastes.

If you own a shop you want added to this list, please fill out this form and leave a comment in this post:

Shop name:
Shop link(s): Etsy, Store Envy, your own site, whatever you have! Please provide us with a URL, not just a clickable link, it makes it easier for us!
Shop's Facebook Page:
Shop's Blog:
Country you're located in:
Style your shop focuses on:
Short blurb about your shop: Please try to keep it short! If it fits in a Tweet, that's the perfect length!

We would also love it if you could include a 300x100 mini-banner (non-animated please!) to include in the list, so that people can get a quick visual of what you're selling. If you don't have a banner at the moment, feel free to fill out the form anyways and leave a comment with your banner whenever you get it made :)

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