n0na_manis (n0na_manis) wrote in egl,

problem with getting quality shoes

Hi girls,

I bought some boots at bodyline last November. I wear them alot, but now there are allready some cracks in it. I think they are made of synthetic leather. So I was wondering if there are any brand or maybe offbrand shoes that have some better quality. I really like the boots and clothes they have at the aatp webshop, but it appears they only sell shoes in synthetic leather. I bought a while ago some calf leather boots at custom house but they fit so weird, I have alot of extra space when I wear them.

Does anyone know where or how to get some nice quality boots that last longer than 3 months? I'm into gothic lolita and pirate lolita style, so just a pair of nice black boots will do fine.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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