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Wig review: Positive

Hello again! A little while ago I bought another wig from Cosplayanimewigs.com
^ ^stock photo^ ^

And below on me! The colour in these pictures are true to life.
wig from front      back view (no flash)

Close up of wig without flash then with flash. I don't think either of them depict an accurate colour.

   With flash

As I'm new to wigs I do really like this wig. The fibres are really soft and it doesn't look too terrible in full sun. It does tangle quite easily (as most long hair would) but it's easy to brush out (yes I said brush).

The most disappointing thing about this wig is the top. All these wefts should be pushed to the front but I prefer a side part. I can easily solve this by buying a second wig and adding wefts into the front. 

Quality- 4/5- My only issue is with the front wefts, and the shiny-ness of the flash. The rest however is beautiful, even the thickness of the hair.

Customer service- 5/5- Over Christmas I had a delay on another wig I had ordered due to the Australian postal system. I got in contact with Cosplayanimewigs (and explained that I needed the wig by a particular date) and they were really helpful and offered to send another via express post for $10 if I was unable to track it down within the next two days.

Post- 5/5- I'm so used to waiting 10-20 days for online orders to get to me so 5-7 days waiting is beautiful.

Edited-now with a working cut (failtown on my behalf)


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