Estellewhite (estellewhite) wrote in egl,

Subculture or fashion?

Reading the post about the new pedophile-documentary, I came across a response that stated that we shouldn´t be offended, since it´s "Just clothes" and we´re not a real "subculture" to be offended on the behalf of... Something along those lines.

But is lolita a subculture? or is it really "Just clothes"? What do you think?

I´d say we are a subculture. A lot of us, whether we think lolita is "just clothes" or not, are in lolita because we share a certain kind of aesthetic. We have some things "lolitas do", like going to tea parties or picnics. We read lolita blogs and EGL (obviously). 

If you change all these words to things that has to do with, say, goths, wouldn´t we define as a subculture as well? Not all goths go to clubs, afterall, or decorate their room with skulls. Just like not all lolitas enjoy picnics or decorating their room with frills.

EDIT: People seem to think this discussion has something to do with the pedophile-documentary! IT DOESN´T! Just wanted to tell you what made me consider the question.

Tags: discussion: lifestyle, discussion: social issues

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