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Late Late theme post

Please excuse the lateness of this post; January turned out to be the month of horrendous colds for me!  I put quite a bit of effort in taking these and it seemed a shame not to post it.

So please enjoy the little trip into my wardrobe, quite a-lot of it is handmade.  Over the years I've made a lot more things; but my style has changed quite a bit.  My current style is sweet and classic lolita with otome and Mori influences.  

I've included a bit more detail about where I got the "offbrand" pieces because I think it's interesting.

Both are from my brand Lily of the Valley.  Samples!  Neptune's Domain and Sweet Matryoshka

Two of my polka-dot dresses Handmade

Chiffon Dresses; handmade


Lily of the Valley and handmade


Handmade (one of my newest and one of my oldest)

Dresses, handmade.  The blue one bustles in the back

Neptune's Domain skirt and Vest set; Lily of the Valley

Underskirts; handmade

Long sleeved blouses: Forever 21, Kmart, and ebay

Short Sleeved blouses: thrifted (with replacement sleeves, the pinks photographed funny), small store in Bangkok, and thrifted

Other Blouses: Handmade (I want to make more of these) and from an outlet

All thrifted except for the white puffed sleeve one, it's from an outlet store.

They don't look like much but I like these so much, they frame the top of a jsk bodice so well!  The green one isn't so very dark usually.  Outlet shop 

long sleeved cutsews; outlet shop, thrifted

The beginnings of my Cardigans, I love cardigans!  Burlington coat factory, Walmart, Rainbow

Burlington Coat Factory, Outlet shop, thrifted

Outlet shop (navy not black), thrifted, outlet shop

Thrifted , and Bascov's (has very pretty gold threads all throughout)

Forever 21, Kohls, thrifted (also has gold threads worked through)

Cropped sleeves swing sweaters) I frequently wear these as outerwear. Outlet shop and a gift (brown not black)

Vintage capes.  I have a coat in the works but I haven't even started it yet.  Thrifted

Socks and stockings.  Left group is kneesocks: Innocent World, Innocent World, Angelic pretty, BBtSSB.  Next row: outlet shop, outlet shop, Target and tjmax.  

Right group is OTK socks: Bodyline, bodyline, Secret shop, secret shop, outlet

Then two pairs of tights (I also wear alot of other just solid colors), walmart (floral pattern) and ebay (polkadot)

Bottom two are ankle socks, both from an outlet shop

Purses. The small brown one is from walmart, the straw one is from an Antiques shop and all the rest are thrifted

Belts.  The two sashes are handmade, as is the purple belt.  The red bow belt was a gift and the white one from ebay.  Both braided belts are thrifted

Gloves.  Wrist cuffs are handmade.  The knit fingerless gloves were made by a friend.   Leather gloves are vintage.

Collars:  Knit collar and leaf scarf were made by friends.  The two lace collars and the mink stole are vintage and the sailor collar is from Lily of the Valley.

Bows and corsages.  Other then the pink flower they are all handmade.

Vintage hats. The blue flower hat, straw hat, and green rose hat are from antique shops.  The rest I inherited from my Great Grandmother. 

Other hats.  The Rose crown and bonnet are handmade.  Cloche from hats in the belfry, straw hat from Burlington Coat Factory, and the berets are gifts.

Hair things.  All handmade other then the pearl headband and flower beret.

Shoes.  I tend to wear standard shoes with handmade shoe bows and clips.  The blue, white, brown ones with flower clip, and pink ones are payless (any other oldtime lolita's remember the castle flats?).  Light brown ones are thrifted.  The other two brown ones are from outlet stores.

Sandals:  Outlet stores

Boots: The button boots are thrifted.  The tall boots are from zappos, showing two different ways I style them: bow clips and tassel clips.

Parasols: Vintage umbrella (I'm going to recover it), chinatown umbrella.  I got the cream eyelet one at a booth at Otakon and the white battenberg one from lace-parasols.com

Jewlery sets: Linser demi parure (I want to collect the bracelet and pin as well). Neptune's Domain parure and Sweet Acorn parure from Lily of the Valley

Pins: All Vintage except the mermaid, pink cameo and crown pin.  The pressed flower one is my favorite currently!

Bracelets: The single pearl strand, calla lily, and gold bracelets are vintage.  The charm bracelet I got at Disney world  

Earrings: Rose ones were a gift and the strawberry ones are handmade

 My Nice Jewelry.  All made by my Mother except the single pearl pendant and cross.  She's a fine arts jeweler and I feel very lucky!  You can't see it very well but the dark one on the left has a really cute carved mouse!


Chokers:  Handmade.  The bottom one also can be worn as a "dual brooch" clipped to bow pins

Rings.  The cake and pie rings are handmade.  The Silicon ones were a gift.  

Hair "jewelry":  The hair pins are handmade with vintage buttons.  The Lily of the Valley hairclip was a gift.  I made the IW like hair comb  from a necklace I found at a inexpensive jewelry shop.

Thank you so much for visiting my wardrobe.  I have had such a blast peering into all the ones that were posted!

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