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SugarCoatedSprinkles review [Etsy] - Positive

Cut for the disinterested.

On sunday night sweets_paradise and I ordered from the etsy store SugarCoatedSprinkles. Here's our review along with some pictures of the items! I don't think they're a very popular or particularly well known store so I'm hoping to boost them a little with this review! We each reviewed the items we bought. First off is mine.

I ordered the items on Sunday evening and they arrived Tuesday morning. The transaction was really easy through paypal on etsy. I personally was a little worried since this is my first time ordering from any store on etsy. 

Shipping: 5/5 - Incredibly fast, came packaged in a really cute pink bag and everything was encased in bubble wrap! 
Packaging: 5/5 - very light in a pink plastic-y package thing, which probably helped the shipping be so reasonable
Items to follow;

The packaging it came in. I was excited as soon as I saw it, I think having pastel coloured packaging is a really sweet idea and going the extra mile for cuteness!

Everything packed in bubble wrap pretty tight. At this point I was still a little worried about the ring breaking; I'd had a keyring like it before from a local convention and it broken almost immediately.

Gosh! It was all put in this little pink gauzy bag; again, going the extra mile. So so adorable!

The ring I ordered was in it's own little bubble wrap parcel which I was glad about; the ring was a total worry for me since I loved the way it looked so much. She also included her business card which I promptly stuck on my wall.

No outfit to show it with yet so here's a slightly shaky picture of my hand. I was incredibly surprised! I thought the ring would be made of caulk [sp?] and kind of squishy like the keyring I got before was, but it wasn't! It was really solid which was a relief to me. Also the bracelets fit despite me having quite chubby wrists unlike a few I've gotten before where the elastic is very tight. Everything is wonderful quality, especially for the price. I've had a very hard time finding stores which sell cute accessories based in the UK so when I came across this one it really made my day!
Quality of products: 5/5! I really couldn't be happier, it's just what I wanted and more. Especially happy with the ring. I'll be recommending her to everyone and definitely ordering from there again in the future!

sweets_paradise's review
I'm really happy with the quality of this necklace, the cat print is super cute and of very good quality and the chain itself is really good quality too. The postage was super quick and not overpriced, I bought the item on Sunday night and it arrived by Tuesday. It was packaged nicely in a pink pouch to keep it safe and avoid any damage as it arrived in perfect condition.

[Her photograph apparently washed out the pink colour of the cat, so it's more vivid in person]

We certainly recommend buying from SugarCoatedSprinkles!

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