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Specific request for Bodyline shoe sizing


I am looking for sizing experiences with one particular model of Bodyline shoes. I've read plenty of reviews about Bodyline boots (running a bit big I think) and Bodyline flats (running to size), but I haven't really encountered anyone's experiences with Bodyline's RHS. I'm looking to order a pair of Bodyline's ribbon RHS (shoes196, using the Tenso service through Rakuten (since the Bodyline US site is all sold out and they said they don't know when they'll be getting them back in). I am a US size 9-9.5 (I want to get closer to a 9.5 to have room for socks), and I've tried the Bodyline RHS with pleather straps in a 255 (technically my size), and they were too small. I just want to verify that the ribbon-model fits similarly and that I should purchase a 260 before I go through with the shopping service. I've search egl already and only came up with non-RHS reviews.

I appreciate any help! Thanks!


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