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No brand lolita Wardrobe

A thumb on the nose showcase of my no brand collection of clothes

Hey, sorry for the last minute post, but the first week or two I was moving in with my boyfriend so I had to wait until I got settled. Then I stalled a bit because I thought my stuff was horribly tiny compared to everyone else, then I stalled again because I thought my pictures were crap, but they turned out fine once I got rid of the extra yellow light from the cheap lighting in the room.

My "lolita" clothes pretty much makes up 50% of all my clothes. Here is ALL my hangables. The other 25% of my clothes is logo/graphics t-shirts.

Lets start with

The blue shirt I got at a thrift shop I like to visit a lot called No Relation. About 10 or 15 bucks. Has a high neck ruffle. The white shirt I got at some random ghetto store for about the same price. It upset me because the buttons are like these small beads that don't hold into the hole very well. I have to replace them soon. Funny because the brand on the tag is "Buttons".

This was a recent one I got at "El Mundo" for 7 bucks. It's spandexs so it stretches a bit in all the right places. I also bought a white version.

The left has double brown stripes all along it with some sort of texture between it. Pattern doesn't show well in picture. Got it at No Relation for about the same price as the blue shirt. The brown shirt I got at Pretty Girl for pretty cheap, I'm thinking 10 or 15 bucks, for some reason 12 sticks to me. This one was cool, it has double buttons to make sure nothing pops.


Recently got this one from bodyline when they had their $1 shipping deal, pretty much the most lolita item I have, 27 bucks I believe. I love Alice in Wonderland.

Another Bodyline skirt. Got these back when the price was lower.

These is a random one that just made it down to me from my sister or mom so it was pretty much free. Didn't wear it for a while because it just never looked lolita enough even though it has enough room for a petti. Then my boyfriend's sister gave me this black blouse with a flower pattern and it magical worked!

Another skirt that made it down from my sister. It's very large so it's pinned on the side but because it's large it has a lot of fabric to it and looks pretty when I sit down. More gothic than lolita as it is very long.


This is one of my favorites. I got it at Pretty Girl for 8 bucks. Surprised to find something with enough room for a petti. Since the top is stretch it fits my bust and is gray so it's doesn't overwhelm gothic cords with too much black. (I grew to like gray a lot because my star wars costume is gray, I even wore this at NYCC with my upper armor because it matches <3) Since this dress is sold at Pretty Girl I've seen random ghetto women/girls wearing this (as is). Once walked pasted one walking down the street while at the same time decked out myself with the same dress (black lace top, black stocking, tall heals etc) SO funny. It's all about how you wear it not what it is!

Another bodyline. Got it because it looks sailor-ish. Navy and white

More Bodyline. Always wanted a pure sailor dress! Seems silly though because it's the 'its' colours. My only beef with it is that the frabic is very cosplayish (not costumey... but cosplayish if that makes sense). I guess because it's such a heavy/thick fabric. It put it on again recently and was surprised at my extreme JOY being in it O_O I must like it a lot.


There's a store near where my parents house is that sells EVERYTHING at 11 dollars or less. This was on sale for 3 dollars. It is very thick/layered and made with a sort of velvet/saude soft stuff. Hard pants buttons and high crop! Mostly wear this with men outfits (never a boy!) Also got cool pants from that store for normal price (11 bucks lol)

Forgot where I got this. I think it was the 11 dollar store. Very thin, good for summer. Cotton lace trim.

Thick velvet jacket. I think my mom got me this as I don't remember buying it. Has cotton lace trim on fitting bust cut. Very medieval in style. 

Mom found this for me at the salvation army. Long tailed velvet coat.

Damn all these black velvet stuff just EATS light and doesn't take picture well.

Another mom gift. I wear this a lot with my lolita clothes as it's the only one that is ruffled enough to have a bell shape. It also came with a zip on hood (which is lost at my mom's house) which is very big as good to cover head when rains as it doesn't mess up hair or accessories!


I tend to like shirts like this rather then blouses as my bust wants to pop the buttons on blouses and I don't like my bra peeping through. This is a little peasent knit to. Very simple. Mom.

Lace top, shirt sleaves. Since it's plain like a tshirt on bottom it alawys looks best on dresses rather than skirts.

11 dollar store. Suppose to be over the shouder with an extra pair of straps to cover bra straps. Always rids up over shoulders anyways. Textured fabric.

Got this random polo from a ghetto store called Denis because it raminds me of sailor shirt. Ended up wearing it for an American cord.


Mom. I don't know where she gets stuff, but it's cheap

A knit top with knit/cotton lace. Also good to go under corsets to give poofy sleaves to cords.  I have this in cream too.

Bodyline cosplay sailor shirt. LOVE this sailor shirt! Zipps up and has little gold button on sleaves. Came with skirt but it's too short and a tiny bit small. Could make it wider but it's still too short. The strange cat hoodie was also bodyline, 6 dolalrs. Very thin and short. Randomly says sarrow cat above the cat picture O_o

NON Lolita

A cute parrie dress i got from a vintage online shop called Rusty zipper. Found the site at frist because I needed parts for star wars costume. Been stalking them since. Finally bough some stuff from them in May when they had a 75% end of world sale. This is in fact marron not brown as I though when I as the picture online. Still cool. Look a bit big but my bust fills it out on top and I like owear a ribbon on my wasit to "lift" the wasit line.

Random dress I got at No Relation for ten bucks. From the looks of the sitching it seems homemade. The frabic as a sicthed bow pattern on it. Going to convert it to lolita. All I need it to reenforce the sitching on top and cut the lower ruffle in half as it is just two or three inches too long!

A sqaure dance dress with a very cute design.Need to lift the wasit line and cut out some fabric from the skirt. Already have it pinned and read to go.

Another cheap skrit from No Relation. Just needs to be made A line.

Same place same price. This is a few sizes too big BUT that makes it more the earier to fix. The straberries are flocked!


pile of poof

Pile o corsets very cheap. Mosly from mom. The blue one is the best, got it at a theif shop for five bucks. It's a few sizes too small which means it's the perfect size for pullng those strings! Gives me the most amazingly fack torso ever.

boring I know

This is about the only lolita-able wig I have. Other then that I have a rococo wig (high with curles, brown), a gothic black and white pigtalls wig, and a wonderful princess leia wig. This pink wig I originally got for my Fluttershy costume, I got two, 15 dollars each from a shop on ebay. Dispite the bad photo it is perfect cosplay quiliy wig with matte finish. Very long. This is the tail wig as the top sig has yellow ears sewn on them.

Yes my clothes are hanging on a laundry mat chart. There is no cloest in here.

First two I got at Good Will. 8 and 10 dolalrs. The white ones are children's shoes. Black shoes from random ghetto store. Super cute.

The middle one is bodyline, back when it used to be 30 dollars. The others... I've never worn with lolita before lol but it does give that lolita touch to normal outfits.

edit"wtf imageshack

The large ones are claires. The lace ones are from asian wig shop, $1 each. Top one: mom.

red white pair: mom. Laced: came with bodyline dress. Small batch on left: claries. blue: claires. plastic bow headband: gift

BOWS I MADE. I use left over ribbon from making bows for my online shop to make something for myself, I never wear my store stock! When I first started making bows I would keep the most ugly of the batch aka the fuck ups, like that yellow bow where I cut the tail wrong OOPS. Star wars bow made from ribbon that comes with star wars mugs. The american ones I got for myself soley so I can wear to rallies and meet ups.

LIP GLOSSSSSSS I have a lot NO because they's just cut but I HAVE to have lip gloss wih me like 24/7 because my lips are ALWAYS dry. UUGGHHH. I MADE five of them at school (they're the ugly naked ones lol)

the fake stuff lololo
Mostly bodyline dollar lashes, but my favorite ones are the white one on bottom from Rickys. They have white balls on tips so I look anim kawaii desu lolo. Also got large lense but never wear them because I just can't put them on, I'm like scared. Managed to get them on once after like two hours of trying. I'm find with them on it's just the ACT of putting them on I can't handle. WTF. The halloween nails don't look at all halloween, it's just red/black with flowers on it.

I also have a lot of single earrings as I have a gauge in one ear. Even before I got it gagued I never wore matching pairs anyways lol Some mom, some gifts, some claires, some found. Mostly just cheap.

Earrings I MADE.

Just leave at the idea that I never pay more than 5 dollars for any jewerly. Some are gifts/mom

I have short hair

As I said, I don't dress like a boy, I dress like a MAN. Orginally blonde I died it brown to match my natural hair (store didn't have brown)



<3 velvet pirate hat

normally don't buy a hat this ugly but my mom got it for me thinking I would

came with the black bodyline dress, not a very good shape

bodyline $1 woooo!

Urben outfitters

Gift from when I worked at costume shop

When I used to work at micheals. COUPONS

Plain knee highs, dollar store

My most prized pair of stockings. Bodyline for seven dollars! and then random dollar store XP

The last two are thigh highs. the dark gray is Steve Madden and the other is claries. That one had black bows on it but they fell off in the wash lol. The stripeds ones are in fact gray and black, not white

over the knee teal and some nylons my mom got me, its the good shit with the rubber top so i don't need gater. nice smooth nude legs that stay up!

the nylons, annoying because they need gaters to keep them up. Though I HATE tights even more because I need mah crotch to to freeeeeee
bright red has a tear on it. Makes me sad as it is very pretty and BRIGHT

the sailor ones are magic. I was looking at them online on that sock website but didn't get it because it was too much for me. Then a few days later I go to Becons Closest and there they were the same excat pair brand new for cheaper and no shipping! YEY
Skulls: boyfriend's mom
rag doll: dollar store

make me sad tha the fun lucky design is on the foot where no one can see it! I wear this more often then you think. Christmas ones from k mart for a dollar

bag o black stockings. Did't take them out because they're just black and simple and boring. I do have one with zippers along the side, you'd think they were cool but they have no hold to them so they want to fall all the time. ugh

pile of lony socks, you know you do the laungry and you get a few that are all alone. but you can't go looking for the dirty ones because they're somewhere at my mom's house... yeah. But look hold cute this knit lace one is ooooo

Lace gloves.

fancy gloves


got these at a an antique shop. Was origainly drawn in by star wars cards, I broke one OUCH

wear this when I have to do painting at school. Since its round it curves around bell dresses very nicely. Got this when I worked at micheals, origianl five bucks but COUPONS


recently painted my MP3 players. YUMMY

The back of my school badge. complete with purple PotC landyard


here are some old photos that I have of objects which are either in my dirty hamper (who takes pictures of dirty clothes YUCK) or is lost at my mom's house and I need to get it!

simple pink skirt, No relation

Pretty girl, good for rallys/american cords

sqaure dance dress. yes I wore it because I edited it... and now it's dirty

long black plain blouse with pretty back! 11 dollar store.


No relation

bodyline. I wish they had these in stock again. only have pink on stock now :(

breeches. 11 dollar store

nylon with pink bows: dirty, white with bow: thrown out, lace: lost

light blu stocking: dirty, cream lace gloves: dirty


flocked rose shoes: forgot them lol

blue sailor hat: lost, top hat: forgot to take picture

lace undershirt: forgot to take picture

I want to know where this is damn it. moving sucks. EL MUNDO $12! LOL


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